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Why this is a premium quality panel!

The optics and light distribution

  • Patented sophisticated PMMA-LPG optics diffusers that consist out of different layers with a very high light transmission. This provides a perfectly smooth 120° light distribution.
  • The optical diffuser layers are the best in its range, will not show any visible discoloration during the years and passed the IEC 60695-2-12:2000 glow wire flammability test. (in contrary to a lot of competitive panels that will turn yellow and are not fire resistant)
  • Extra strong outer layer, that doesn’t damage quickly
  • UGR: unified glare rating – in offices this has to be max 19! Our optical team managed to develop a panel with a UGR <16. From corner to corner a perfect light distribution. No hotspots!

Lifetime vs Light output

  • It is a fact that by the use of every optics layer, the light output gets reduced as PMMA has a light transmittance of about 93%. So it is clear that how lower the UGR, the less light comes from the fixture.
  • Although the extremely low UGR, this premium panel provides the highest efficacy in market today >125 lm/w and a lifetime of 50.000 hours L90B50
  • The premium quality LEDs have as SDCM <3 and CRI>80 (on private label request we can deliver CRI >90)
  • The panel provides options for emergency lighting

Material & Constructive features

  • The Frame: Heavy anodised aluminium frame, seamless welding and grinding process contribute to a long lifetime and excellent heat management of the LED fixture.
  • Extra thin elegant design, <10mm thickness, although it is very thin and lightweight for the ceiling, the fixture feels robust and of good quality.
  • The fixture has a strong stable aluminium backplate, using solid screws instead of blind rivets (that often break easily).
  • The panel has an ENEC approved strain relief.
  • The panel can be recessed, suspended and surface mounted, using a separate surface mounting frame or suspension kit.
  • Flicker free: several different options for both driver and connector/plugs upon request.
  • Compliant to RoHS 2


  • According to customer requirements, the standard stock in our EU-warehouse is packed per 2 pieces in an outer carton (on request of many installers who wanted to reduce the cardboard waste and work by 50%)
  • Can be private labelled / customized according to your wish


  • ENEC (every driver, plug and fixture combinations are tested according ENEC by independent test institute)
  • UL and other approvals on request
  • TP(a) approved
Download SGS TPA certificateDownload ENEC certificate


  • 5 years of warranty

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