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Light Engine is:

The ODM/OEM partner for many well-known global operation lighting brands

UL / ENEC approved 240.000 sqm manufacturing facilities

Dedicated to become worlds’ leading LED panel manufacturer

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127 lm/w




60000 L80B10


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Soon to be expected Circadian panels.

Soon to be expected Eco Edge-lit panels.

The premium LED Panel – superior quality

1. The Frame

Heavy anodised aluminium frame, contributing to a long lifetime and excellent heat management of the LED fixture.

2. The Corner

Seamless welding and grinding process to prevent any leakage of light in the corners.

3. The Design

Extra thin elegant design, <10mm thickness, but although it is very thin and lightweight for the ceiling, the fixture feels robust and of stable quality.


Driver, plug and fixture combinations are ENEC approved. UL and other approvals on request.

5. TP(a) rated

Micro prismatic layer is TP(a) rated which complies with UK building regulations, fire safety, approved, document B, volume 2 –buildings other than dwellings.

6. The Panel

The panel can be recessed, suspended and surface mounted, using a separate surface mounting frame or suspension kit.

7. UGR

Super low UGR <16 with a perfect light distribution! (you can’t find any hotspot, the lifetime is 50.000 hours L90B50 and 3750lm output with 30W energy consumption).

8. Optics

Sophisticated PMMA-LPG optics diffusers that consist out of different layers with a very high light transmission. This provides a perfectly smooth 120° light distribution.

9. Outer Layer

Extra strong outer layer, that doesn’t damage quickly. The optical diffuser layers are the best in its range, will not show any visible discoloration during the years and passed the IEC 60695-2-12:2000 glow wire flammability test. (A lot of competitive panels will turn yellow and are not fire resistant).

How do we organise the sales

Are you a potential customer interested in private-label manufacturing from our ENEC approved plant in Huizhou and do you want to order container wise (MOQ >3000 pcs).


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Are you a potential European customer interested to order pallet-wise directly from our warehouse based in the Netherlands (MOQ 100 pcs)

"Our goal is to become the most innovative, premium private label LED panel manufacturer of the world with the best cost performance ratio."

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